Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well hello there!
sorry we havent updated in a longggg while. we're not very good at this blog thing. Anyway, we're at the near end of our fall semester! we're getting ready for thanksgiving break! (which we need soooooooooooooo bad) This semester has been pretty interesting. We've met some cool people and have had a lot of fun. We had another flag football team this year! We were the Crayolas. yes, crayons. Andrea was the purple crayon, and Whitney was the red one. We made it to semi-finals again this year and then got out. yeah i know gay right?? Next year we'll be champions.
We also got to go to conference for the first time!! We were able to sit on the main plaza for the sunday morning session! it was an amazing experience we both will never ever forget. This semester has been full of ups and downs; with hard classes and too much homework and other stupid drama that follows any 20 year old girls, but we manage to make the best of it! When we come across stupid moments like that, we decide to stay up till 3 in the morning and do something crazy. Our most current early morning moment was a couple nights ago, and we decided to make music videos and re create Risky Business. :)

it was sooooooooooo funny! For some reason, we always come up with the most random, spur of the moment things to do and its hilarious. Well, I think thats all we have for you right now, if we think of anything else, i'm sure we'll add it.......sometime....hahaha until then ADIOS!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Lost Roommate

Last Wednesday, around 9:30pm our roommate DaLynn announced that she was going for a run. She had been talking about how much she had to do that night so she told us that she would be gone for about 30 minutes. At around 11:00 our roommate Ariel asked us if we had heard from DaLynn. We then realized that her 30 minute run had turned into a 90 minute absence. The first instinct was to call DaLynn's cousin, so Ariel did that; no answer. The next thing we knew, W was in the car(in PJ's, slippers, and wet hair) with Ariel calling out for DaLynn around Rexburg. Since DaLynn had mentioned that she needed to get a roll of quarters from Broulim's(the local grocery store for you non-Rexburgians), we stopped there and asked if they had seen her. They replied that she had been in, but they were out of quarters so she had left empty-handed. We then ventured to Wal-Mart and around Rexburg again with no sign of the lost roommate. Finally, we decided to check the hospital to see if anyone had been brought in that night. They informed us that no one had been in but we could file a police report with the local police if we wanted. We decided to do this because by this point it had been over 2 hours since she left.

Meanwhile, A and the 5th roommate Heather got in the car to go on a hunt of their own. They even searched the famous "gardens" on campus in case someone had stashed poor DaLynn's body there. No luck.

After the police report was filed, the officer told us he was going to meet us at our apartment. While the officer was sitting in our parking lot, the 4 investigating roommates looked up and saw DaLynn. She saw everyone standing outside and thought something exciting had happened. When we inquired where on earth she had been, she informed us that she had been eating ice cream with her cousin(who had received 4 phone calls and multiple text messages with no responses). Needless to say, we were relieved, angry, and amused all at once.

Just another adventure in the lives of AndWhit. Adios!! A&W

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flag Football!!

So we just finished, or should I say dominated, our first flag football game. Going into the game, we had a lot of things to worry about. We weren't sure if we would have enough players, most of us have never played football before, and we have yet to have a practice. Our second possession we charged down the field and W passed to A for a touchdown. Team WHADA gave up only 1 touchdown and finished the game with a score of 34-6(we think). A had 3 touchdowns and a 2 point conversion and W had 1 touchdown and passed for the rest of the points. The last touchdown was scored by teammate/roommate Heather. The Choc Twins used their psychic connections to make several big plays. So to sum it all up, WE'RE STOKED!!

p.s. Shout out to our awesome coach Kyler!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dew Pong

It's been a while since the Choc Twins have checked in. A couple weeks ago, we had a "party" at our apartment. We invited some friends over for a friendly game of Dew Pong. First off, let us explain the rules of Dew Pong:
It's like beer pong without the alcohol.
We invited some friends from our ward to come play and with that came some fresh takes on the game of Dew Pong. The boys decided to kick things up a notch by adding mysterious substances to each others drinks. We split up the teams boys vs girls and secretly spiked the cups with products from around our kitchen; vegetable oil, hot dog juice, seasonings(lemon pepper, onion,...), ketchup, salsa, carrots, corn, mayonaise, etc. Needless to say, we were feeling pretty gross after all the soda, nasty drinks, and ice cream.
Here is a picture of the craziness:
(Side note: yes W cut her hair and is not happy with it in these pics. It has since calmed down.)

Adios! A&W

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hello!! So we started this semester off immediately with a bang as usual! The first night we were here we got locked out of our apartment and we just happened to be wearing sombreros....we sat for a while at the steps in front of our apartment hoping our roommates would come back with keys. We sat there for a good 20 mins then decided to take matters into our own hands. So we broke into our apartment through the window..with our sombreros on. We called ourselves suspicious sombrero senoritas. We got in and just laughed for a while.

The next day, we got invited to go to green canyon (hot springs) with our friend. He had a bunch of weird friends, that we hadn't met yet, meet us there. It was pretty fun until a couple of the guys wouldn't leave us alone. They asked us to play "chicken" with them a gazillion times. and we kept saying NO. hahaha. We got home and just laughed about the whole thing. To this day, they keep asking about us....

This other night, Andrea was watching a video they made and was trying to get Whitney to wake up and watch it!! She was cracking up and the window was open. Then we heard this guy yell " Hey what are you laughing at?" and Andrea said " I'm watching a video we made"...then there was a long pause and then he said " You have a cute laugh!" We later found out it was our friend Kyle!!! He didnt know it was us, and we didn't know it was him. It was really funny!

So most recently, A&W, and our friends Kyler and Katie wanted to go on a adventure. So we did. Kyler had some caution tape in his car, and we decided to go caution something. Naturally we ended up at Roxanne's car. We DOMINATED that thing. It was completely wrapped up in gallons of caution tape. We also got two other cars in the action of it all. WE LOVE YOU ROXANNE!!

Well thats our flashback friday!! Adios! A&W

Thursday, April 30, 2009


So, last friday, we were hungry and too lazy to make our own food so we decided to go to Fongs...which is a chinese restaurant for those who aren't familiar with Rexburg. Anyway, we headed over, saw some friends on a date, ran across a busy street, and then arrived at our destination...FONGS. It was pretty empty..minus some first daters. We both got sweet and sour chicken, which was good, but decided to get some pan fried noodles instead of getting the usual fried rice which comes with the meal.We were SO excited to get some yum noodles expecting the kind served at panda express and any other chinese place. Instead we get this.....------->Those were pretty much the CRUNCHIEST noodles ever. They shouldnt even be considered noodles. blahhhhh. Our faces were priceless. We laughed for a while. And we're pretty sure people were staring at us not knowing why we were cracking up.

GROSS. stupid crunchy noodles..


Hey! Welcome to our blog! So right now we're eating cheez-its and our roommates are begging us to go running....NO. we dont do the work out thing. just kidding. we've actually gone like everyday since we've been here. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
So. At this current time, we are both dealing with creeper issues.
Someone who we shall refer to as FILBERT has been creeping
on Andrea. No bueno. This certain someone has texted her every single
day since the awkward intro on sunday. NO texts have been returned. haha
Another certain someone who we shall refer to as CARLOS has been creeping
on Whitney. OH NO! This person has serious issues and has been known to
be super clingy and sends a mass amount of texts within an hour. Luckily
he doesn't have Whitney's number. Let's keep it like that.
We will keep you posted on this horrible situation. and p.s. we were just jamming to Good Day by Nappy Roots. If your having a bad day...CHECK IT OUT!
Adios! A&W